Office Copiers & Printers


“Time is money” is the old saying, and many companies across Minnesota have found that Multifunction Printers are not only faster but also can be an excellent return on investment. These machines boost your competitive edge by exponentially cutting down on the time it takes to complete various copy-related tasks. With multiple functions comes multiple solutions, you surely will see the value provided by a device, not only capable of keeping up – but improving your overall workflow.

With one of our multifunction printers (or MFPs), your business can perform a variety of processes all from a single machine. These devices allow you to free up office space, manage information, easily share & collaborate, and much more.

Features of Advanced Office’s Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

We know it is implied with the word “Multifunction”, but our clients are always surprised by just how much these machines can do! Most MN businesses switch to a MFP to combine the features of several pieces of office equipment. With them, you can:


You’ll have the ability to produce hundreds of perfect prints in minutes. Not only that, our available devices are Energy Star certified, which signifies their energy-efficient design. This means that you can reduce your power costs and your carbon footprint while keeping your productivity high.


Advanced Multifunction Printers can also make copies that have the same high quality as your original documents. First impressions and professional appearances are critical in the business world, our MFPs ensure each copy is as clean and colorful as your first print.

SCAN (To Email, To File, To Server)

Our Multifunction Printers also give you document scanning capabilities for a variety of formats and locations, including:

  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • URL
  • USB
  • Email
  • Network Folders

The high dpi resolutions of our copiers help ensure that your scanned documents don’t lose any important details or qualities. And with Quick-Set options, tasks like signing & returning documents becomes painless; you can Print, Scan, and Email that same document - all from the same machine!