VoIP Fax Services

Organizations are integrating IP telephony into their existing IP infrastructure to reduce costs and lower the complexity of their communications and data infrastructures. Fax can take advantage of these enhancements as well as provide a centralized fax environment with easier deployments and eliminate hardware restrictions. By connecting to leading IP PBX MCSI services and T.38 enabled gateways from Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, 3com, Dialogic, AudioCodes, Quintum and others, companies can obtain the benefits of converged networks, least costs telephony routing, and virtualization.

fax structure


  • Re-use existing fax machines
  • Manage faxes on web
  • Low cost monthly service
  • Plug-and-play
  • Ideal for low bandwidth scenarios


How it works

While there are now several T.38 ATA’s available, MCSI FAXStation uses a completely proprietary FoIP mechanism that virtually guarantees reliable fax transmission. While others are continually attempting to shoehorn T.38 into a reliable package, we have chosen to completely bypass this unreliable protocol. Additionally, not only does MCSI FAXStation support standard analog fax machines, customers are able to setup incoming fax-to-email, view all incoming/outgoing faxes, resend existing faxes, and upload documents to fax out with the MCSI FAXStation dedicated portal.

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