Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products does Minnesota Copy Systems sell?
Minnesota Copy Systems Inc. sells multifunctional copiers, printers, fax machines, and scanners from nationally-recognized leaders in the industry — Toshiba, Samsung, Lexmark, and HP. Our comprehensive selection allows us to offer supplies for just about any copier, printer, or fax machine made.

Does Minnesota Copy Systems Inc. service the products it sells?
Yes! Our team of technicians responds to the maintenance requirements of all equipment we’ve installed across Central Minnesota. Even the best equipment gets “tired” and suffers from excessive wear.

Does Minnesota Copy Systems Inc. provide financing for the equipment they offer?
You bet. We work with several leasing companies that offer additional perks and unique promotions exclusively on their leased equipment. For convenience and flexibility, we also offer short- or long-term rentals.

Does Minnesota Copy Systems Inc. offer service agreements, and do you recommend them?
We do provide manufacturer’s service agreements, and we do recommend them because, in most cases, the company is able to accurately anticipate potential problems. As an authorized dealer, we are able to provide preventative maintenance, toner, and compatible supplies. However, each equipment scenario presents its own unique challenges, and we work with the customer to find the correct solution.

Do users have the option of connecting their copier into their computer network?
Approximately 80-90% of the equipment we install is configured into the computer network. In many cases, this method of printing to the copier is cost-effective and allows for increased functionality, such as stapling, duplexing, drilling (such as 3-hole punching), and more.

Can Minnesota Copy Systems Inc. help us with connecting the copier to our network?
Yes, we have professional technicians on staff to install the copier on your network, making certain that every user can print and/or scan from their own computer.

How long can I expect my equipment to last?
The life span of your copier, fax, printer, or scanner will vary, depending on the particular device, the rate of its usage, and the conditions of its environment. Some machines we service have been in use for over 15 years, but the average life span is five years.

Do you make available used equipment to a potential customer?
Typically, the used equipment we offer has completed its three-year lease and has undergone a complete overhaul in our machine shop. Reconditioned equipment can be a very cost-effective alternative to purchasing or leasing new models.

Do you have special pricing for non-profits and government agencies?
Yes. Toshiba offers value pricing for non-profits and government agencies. It is extremely competitive and often can be combined with our own lease promotions.