Support Alert – Scan to File problems

With the new Windows 10 Fall Creators update(Version 1709), you may notice the scan-to-(File/PC/Server/Desktop) feature stops working. This is due to Microsoft disabling support of SMB v1, a file transfer protocol, for security reasons. Some MFS's are eligible for firmware updates that enable the use of SMB v2/v3,SMB V2/V3 are still supported by Windows 10 by default, as they are a more secure method of transfer. Not all of the older models are eligible for the firmware patch, it is dependent on the manufacturer(Toshiba/Samsung/HP). Please check and see if your device id still compatible.

Below is a list of machines that are capable of scanning after the Fall Creators Update:

Samsung Machines with a Fix

  • MultiXpress K7 series
  • MultiXpress X7 series
  • MultiXpress K4 series
  • MultiXpress X4 series
  • MultiXpress M5370 series
  • MultiXpress M4370 series
  • MultiXpress M536x series
  • ProXpress M458x series
  • ProXpress M456x series
  • ProXpress C406x series
and anything newer than these models will also support the correct SMB version.

Toshiba Models with a Fix

NEW: Additional Models with a fix:

  • 5540c
  • 6540c
  • 6550c
  • 2040c
  • 2540c
  • 3040c
  • 3540c
  • 4540c
  • 556
  • 656
  • 756
  • 856
  • 206
  • 256
  • 306
  • 456
  • 506
  • 306LP
  • 2051c
  • 2551c

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